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        服務熱線 :020-86876885 English 中文

        Guangzhou Yifeng Auto Parts Manu



        Located in Auto City of Huadu District, Guangzhou, the central zone of Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, Guangzhou Yifeng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. enjoys a superior geographical environment and convenient transportation. 

        Founded in 2002, Guangzhou Yifeng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. occupies an area of over 15,000 square meters as well as a construction area of over 20,000 square meters. Having more than 500 employees, it is a leading company specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling of automotive filters. “Staff-oriented by Company and Company-centered by Staff” is the management concept for its foundation and development.

        Yifeng possesses a highly-efficient management team, strong technical capabilities, superior quality of products, well-trained technicians and complete management procedures.  In addition, the Company owns modernized plants, the most advanced dust-free workshop in the industry, advanced production equipment and professional production lines which establish a complete manufacturing supply chain.  This includes molds, hardware, die-casting and assembling, allowing the company to be strongly competitive.  The company has an established and complete marketing and service network in China, and sells products to Europe, the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Yifeng is certified to ISO/TS16949, is a gold booth partner of CCTV, and has a GMC certificate and the honor of having been designated supplier by UN respectively, Global Tour Enterprise Expo 2010,Shanghai China,Kotler Marketing Excellence Awards.

        The Company is dedicated to researching and developing new products and new production techniques. The R&D department includes a product design team, mold design team, technique team, technology developing team, and equipment team.  The Company also employs experienced and skilled engineers and senior engineers using UG, CATIA, PRO/E and other R&D software. 

        Depending on precise and complete mold processing equipment and reliable technicians, the Company designs and processes large metal stamping parts, injection molding, PU glue injection and assistive devices and also can design, manufacture and improve non-standard equipment to meet requirements of OEM manufacturers and aftermarket clients on design and management of products, molds and techniques. Yifeng has cooperated with several European and American international brands well known for their quality, and the R&D capability and techniques have gained great reputations from our clients. 

        The highly-efficient and stable production equipment, smooth management procedures and well trained technicians guarantee the requirements of delivery from clients. The Company has the following equipment and advanced techniques: 

        Stamping: continuous shell, continuous stamping on end cover, 400T flange stamping, automatic tapping and automatic welding

        Assembling: phosphating, flame plating, element assembling, automatic tin seamer, automatic screen printing machine, automatic gas testing machine, automatic packaging, roller paper folding machine, PU glue injection, automatic welt cementing machine for cabin filter, PP injection molding machine.

        Aluminium alloy Intermediate frequency welding

        The quality standards of our company are higher than industrial ones: static pressure/ withstand pressure of oil filter1.7MPa, pulse50,000 times and filter efficiency90%30um), which are all higher than industrial requirements. The Company owns advanced testing equipment and has a complete quality management system which can carry out comprehensive experiments on all products. The Company also owns a professional filter lab which is equipped with over 20 sets of filter testing equipment.  The scope of experiments covers R&D of new products, trial of new materials, engineering changes, annual pattern experiments and exception validation and analysis. The items we can test include filter paper, rubber, glue, plastic and metal as well as parts, semi-finished products, and finished products.  Testing methods include JB, ISO, SAE, JIS, and more. Based on the concept of “Service and Integrity-oriented and Satisfaction of Clients”, the Company provides safe, on-time and highly-efficient professional services and sophisticated service management to develop custom products for clients, offer technical support, and find solutions for many types of problems clients may have. Yifeng has established a long-term, all-around and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients! 

        With great confidence, Yifeng will take product R&D, output expansion and quality improvement as its development orientation and pay attention to the second construction of infrastructure, corporate management capability and executive ability. 

        A man of valor is undaunted. Insisting on operating on the concept of “Integrity First and Quality-Oriented,” the Company has achieved rapid development.  Yifeng filter has also gained a great reputation domestically and internationally. Relying on quality products, Yifeng, with its utmost sincerity, will serve the Chinese market.  “ASPIRE to purify,ASPIRE to perfectWe are dedicated to leading the industry.  As we move toward the future, Yifeng, together with all existing and new clients, will create more success and achieve more glory!





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